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Inspired by the rich colors of our surroundings,
and the many hues of our local treasures

Appreciate natural colors and homegrown designs.
This series of Morena furniture collects a variety of styles and pieces under one universally loved furniture theme: wood.

Beautiful Inspiration

Beautiful inspiration

It wasn’t just nature that inspired this line, but the lovely kayumanggi color that is unique to Filipinos. Each piece is somewhat connected to that special hue, and also carries the distinct imagination and elegance that we are known for.

The New Neutral

The new neutral

Black and white are the staple neutrals–versatile colors that you can use as a base for any design. But people are branching out now, using greys and browns as the new neutrals. Brown, and in particular the kayumanggi color, is the perfect color to build your interiors around. It’s not as harsh as black or white, but it’s as versatile as either color.

Crafted and Collected

Crafted and collected

With our Morena line, we take craftsmanship to a new level, bringing in fresh and exciting pieces from our specialized designers and workers. We’ve also spiced up this collection with curated wood pieces from all over the world.

Updating Your Interiors

Updating your interiors

Are you tired of your existing interiors? Maybe you’ve had them for too long and need a little change. Why don’t you try replacing something small? Like your dining room chairs, your ottomans or even your end tables! You can breathe new life into a room by making simple improvements. Even something as small as adding one new chair will make a world of difference.

Tips for buying a furniture

Try it out

Sometimes a person will find a certain design to be comfortable, and others won’t–you’ll never know until you try it out! Take a few moments and use the furniture as you would use it in your home. See if it’s the right height, the right width, the right shape.

Find your match

Chances are, you already have some wood furniture in your home, so make sure the colors of the wood don’t clash. Take a picture on your phone before you come to the showroom and buy your pieces. You don’t need the exact same shade, just something that complementary.

Know what’s available

Check our website for available styles and designs. You can call our customer service in specific branches to reserve a piece and pick it up later. Don’t forget that Mandaue Foam also customizes furniture, so you can have something made to your specifications.