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Planters + Vases + Jar


Silver/White Round Vase
from ₱325.00
Vertical Grove White Vase
Succulent in Round Pot 32cm
Out of Stock
Glass Square Table Vase H25cm
Blooming White Vase
from ₱210.00
Textured White Ceramic Vase
from ₱135.00
Succulent In Marble Pot 14cm
Out of Stock
Wave Round White Vase
from ₱230.00
Succulent in Pot 11cm
Leaf Design White Vase
from ₱120.00
Glass Cylinder Table Vase 19cm Dia.
Black Plastic Planter
from ₱375.00
Sunflower Round
from ₱135.00
Gold Textured Vase
from ₱200.00
CH06506006 Dieffenbachia In Pot 100 Cm
Out of Stock
White Phalaenopsis
Square Grove White Vase
from ₱135.00
Gold/Black Iron Stand
from ₱360.00
Gold Clear Glass Vase
from ₱450.00
Yellow Phalaenopsis
Small Square Clear Vase
Wooden Design Plastic Planter
from ₱120.00
Succulent in Round Pot 40cm
Succulent in Plastic Pot 13cm
Out of Stock
Succulent in Paper Pot 12cm
Succulent in Pot 13cm
Succulent in Paper Pot 11cm
Out of Stock
White Plastic Planter
from ₱530.00
Ch10817691 / Scheflera Tree in Pot H140cm