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P6035A Pushback Recliner




• Dimensions: 75 x 55 x 107 cm

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Product Description

About P6035A Pushback Recliner


75 x 55 x 107 cm

Care Instructions

• Keep sharp object away from your furniture.
• Vacuum or wipe with a dry soft cloth to removed accumulated dust. Preferably once a week.
• Protect from direct and even indirect sunlight. Keep it atleast two feet away from radiator and other heat sources from your home.
• Avoid resting newspaper and magazines on the surface as inks will absorbed by the leather furniture.
• Fluff and turn removable cushions regularly for even usage.
• Use leather cleaner to remove the spill. Avoid use of any chemical or detergent products as they may cause severe damage and costly repairs.
• Don’t leave any hot objects on leather sofa including laptops as the texture will get damage as a result.


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