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18D013 Tufted Carpet


  • 18D013 Tufted Carpet

    Product Details

    - Ideal for living room, dining room, family/entertainment area, bedroom and home office.
    - For indoor use only.


    W120 x L170cm

    Pile Height



    Beige, Light Grey, Mauve

    Item Material

    Pile: 100% Polyester
    Backing: PVC Gel Dotted-Anti Slip

    Product Weight



    Packing Size: W15xH15xL122cm

    Care Instructions

    ­­- Vacuum and rotate the rug on a regular basis to evenly distribute wear
    - If threads come out do not pull the yarn instead cut it off with scissors
    - For best results, use vacuum cleaner without beater brush, on low power setting
    - Do not rub wet spots. Absorb the spills w/ paper towels and clean with damp cloth and mild detergent
    - Professional carpet cleaning at least once a year to remove stains

    Price and Stock Availability Subject to Change without prior notice.

    Disclaimer: Please note that the products are handmade. Due to this process, there may be a slight variation from one item to the next. Loose threads/shedding may occur.
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    1) should the delivery team be at the given address and the customer or his authorized representative is not available to receive the goods, is unwilling to accept delivery of the goods, or decides to cancel delivery on the day

    2) should the customer provide a wrong delivery address or contact number/s.

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    • In the case of the customer electing a 3rd party delivery service to deliver his items, the company will not be liable for any damages during transit and unloading of the items. The company will also not be liable for any scheduling delays or issues that may arise.


    • General Policy. Assembly shall mean the of fitting together the component parts of a furniture or other object. Assembly shall include installation except for the following product categories: brackets, hanging cabinets, chandeliers, heavy wall arts and frames, curtain rods, blinds, decorative mirrors, floating shelves, and items not purchased from the Company
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    • This Limited Warranty shall be operative from the moment of sale on condition that full payment has been made.
    • The warranty shall be honored by Mandaue Foam Industries, Inc. and its affiliates (“Company”) if the item is confirmed to be a genuine and original product of the Company and not a counterfeit, forged, phony, or sham item.
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    • The Company reserves the right to inspect the item under limited warranty before any claim for warranty is honored. Acceptance of the item for inspection shall in no way be construed to mean that the claim has been accepted. The Company reserves the right to refuse any claim which does not conform to the terms and conditions provided herewith.
    • All terms and conditions not otherwise mentioned herewith shall be supplemented and governed by the provisions of the Civil Code on conditions and warranties.


    Only the following item categories shall have limited warranties under the terms below:


    • All MF sofas shall have a limited warranty covering:
      1. shrinkages or sagging of the original foam thickness of more than twenty-five percent (25%).
      2. structural manufacturing defects in the materials used in the frame and legs within one (1) year from date of purchase
      3. Damages caused by or signs of the presence of wood bugs/pests(bokbok)/termites within one (1) year from date of purchase
    • Limited Warranty for LOCAL SOFAS enforceable for a period of three (3) to seven (7) years, depending on the product or item, from the original date of purchase. Kindly check your warranty card for the actual term of the limited warranty.


    • The limited warranty will only apply to problems with its mechanism only within one (1) year from date of purchase.


    • All spring mattresses shall have a limited warranty covering shrinkages or sagging of the original foam thickness of more than twenty-five percent (25%).
    • Limited Warranty for SRING MATTRESSES shall be enforceable for a period of five (5) to ten (10) years, depending on the type of spring mattress purchased as specified below, from the original date of purchase.

    Mega Foam, Gala Firm,

    5 YEARS

    Flex Foam, Gala Chiropractic, HQ Bonnel, HQ Pocket, Gala Memory and Gala Latex

    10 YEARS

    The Limited Warranty shall not cover local sofas or spring mattresses that have been:

    1. Inappropriately used or altered
    2. Improperly maintained;
    3. Subjected to normal wear and tear;
    4. Cut or scratched (for whatever reason);
    5. Subjected to damage caused by impacts or accidents


    Limited Warranties may be claimed by complying with the following procedure:

    • Only items with warranties shall be honored by the Company.
    • The purchaser of the item with limited warranty shall present the duly-filled up Warranty Card and Official Receipt for the item. Failure to present the two requirements shall bar the claim, and the purchases accepts and acknowledges that Company shall have the right to refuse to inspect or honor the warranty in this event.
    • Once presented, the Company shall inspect the item to verify if the warranty of the item has been breached. If the Company determines that the warranty has not been breached, it shall immediately return the item to the purchaser.
    • The Company will not be required to perform its duties under this warranty if it can substantially show that the defect, malfunction or failure to conform to a written warranty was caused by damage due to unreasonable use thereof, in addition to the above-mentioned specific causes.
    • If the Company determines that there has been breach of the warranty as specified above, it shall remedy such product or item within a reasonable time and without charge in case of a defect, malfunction or failure to conform to such written warranty:
      1. the consumer may elect to have the goods repaired within a reasonable time and without charge to conform to such written warranty.
      2. In case the repair of the product in whole or in part is elected, the warranty work shall be made to conform to the express warranty within sixty (30) days by either the Company or its representative, reckoned from the time when the item or product is verified to be covered by the warranty. The sixty-day period, however, may be extended by conditions which are beyond the control of the Company or its representative.
    • At all times, the purchaser shall shoulder the costs of transporting the items to and from the Company.

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