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AH321 Metal + Cement Table Lamp

  • AH321 Metal + Cement Table Lamp

    Product Details

    - For indoor use only
    - Does not require assembly
    - Creates a soft, cosy atmosphere in your house with a textile shade that spreads a diffused and decorative light


    Diameter: 14 cm
    Height: 28 cm

    Primary Material

    Shade: Linen
    Body: Metal + Cement


    Shade Color: White
    Body Color: Wood grain + Gray
    Number of Lights: 1
    Bulb Included: No


    Bulb Socket: E27
    Maximum Wattage: 60W
    Maximum Voltage: 220V

    Product Weight

    1.5 kgs

    Installation Required


    Ideal for

    - Bedrooms (bedside lamp) for reading and relaxation
    - Home office (desk lamp)

    Type of Lighting

    Table Lamp – is a small electric lamp which stands on a table or other piece of furniture.

    Care and Maintenance

    Wipe clean with damp cloth then wipe with dry cloth

    Price and Stock Availability Subject to Change without prior notice.

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    • Our selling prices are not inclusive of delivery and assembly.
    • A delivery charge is collected per delivery depending on quantity. If the order covers several delivery sites, then a corresponding charge will be imposed for each site. Charges are based from where the item was purchased up to the area where the item will be delivered. For homes inside villages or closed areas like BGC that require an additional entrance fee, any fee charged to our vehicle with regard to the delivery shall be added to the delivery fee.
    • Delivery lead time from date of purchase is 3 working days. However, should there be changes in lead time for delivery due to full schedule especially during peak periods, we will advise you ahead of time upon payment at the cashier. For purchases with Made To Order and orders that need to be sourced from other store locations, please coordinate with our delivery personnel for the estimated delivery lead time.
    • We are unable to set a fixed delivery time due to traffic conditions and variability of handling duration, but the customer service personnel will be updating the customer on the progress of the delivery once they are on their way.
    • For mixed orders that require separate deliveries, the second delivery will be free of charge. Mixed orders include: Made to order and ready items.
    • The customer is required to provide their complete address, contact number(s) and an authorized person to receive the delivery, including detail drawing of delivery sketch. Customers who provide incomplete delivery instructions may be subject to missed or delayed delivery. Should the delivery team be at the given address and recipient is not available to receive the goods even after being properly informed earlier by the customer service personnel, another delivery charge corresponding to the tariff shall be collected from the customer.
    • Delivery personnel are pleased to help but we require customers to check on the following prior to delivery.
      • Sufficient access/space to complete the delivery of items
      • Area for delivery is safe and free of fragile items such as ceiling lights, chandeliers, vases, picture frames, mirrors and figurines.
      • Furniture such as wardrobes, beds including sofas are big therefore measurement of items purchased against the door entrance must be considered. This is to avoid damage and MF delivery is not held responsible for the damage caused.
      • In cases where the furniture does not fit the entryway, MF delivery personnel have the right to refuse and will leave the items for the purchaser to transport. If the purchaser uses excessive force to bring the furniture into the home, MF will not be held responsible for the damage done to the items.
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      • 3rd to 5th floor = P300.00
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      • 11th floor to 15th floor = P1200.00
      • 16th floor to 20th floor = P1500.00

    Note: Beyond this we cannot lift manually. Since we prioritize the health and safety of our employees, we are limiting the manual delivery of furniture pieces to a maximum of 20 floors. Beyond that, the item is the responsibility of the customer.

    Store Pick-up Policy

    • Store Pick-up Conditions. A customer shall present the Sales Invoice and a valid government-issued ID upon claiming the purchased items. If the customer authorizes a representative on his behalf to claim the purchased items, the customer’s representative shall present an authorization letter from the customer along with a photocopy of a valid government-issued ID of the customer himself, the Sales Invoice, and the representative’s valid government-issued ID. A customer who purchases using the Company’s online facilities shall ensure that the name provided in the Sales Invoice is the same as the name provided in the credit card used in purchasing the items. Online customers who elect to pick up items must follow the above instructions in order to claim their items from the store. Student and company IDs shall not be honored.
    • Reservation. The Company reserves the right to deny the pick-up of any item in the event that the customer fails to sufficiently present all of the above documentation.

    Assembly Policy

    • General Policy. As a general policy, the Company shall, without additional charge, assemble the items purchased unless otherwise indicated due to the nature of the item or for some other reasonable cause. Assembly shall mean the of fitting together the component parts of a furniture or other object. Assembly shall include installation except for the following product categories: brackets, hanging cabinets (entertainment or kitchen), chandeliers, heavy wall arts and frames, curtain rods, decorative mirrors (bathroom, dinning or living Spaces), floating shelves, and other items not purchased from the Company. Installation of the foregoing items shall be for the account of the Customer.
    • Assembly Schedule. The Company’s assembly team shall schedule the assembly upon delivery. However, the Company reserves the right to schedule the assembly of the purchased items on a date different from the date of delivery due to full schedule of the assembly team or for any other cause. As far as practicable and feasible, the Company shall assemble purchased items within three (3) business days from delivery.
    • Rescheduling. In cases of rescheduling of the assembly at the request of the customer or for any reason beyond the control of the Company, an additional assembly charge plus transportation expenses shall be imposed regardless of the quantity of the items to be assembled.

    Shipping Policy

    • Packing and Shipping Charges. Listed selling prices do not include packing and shipping charges. Packing and shipping charges shall be collected for items requiring these services. Minimum packing charges are as follows:
      • Bundling charge is Php 350.00 per bundle
      • Crating charge is Php 2000.00 per crating
    • Shipment Lead Time. Shipment lead time shall be generally five (5) working days from date of purchase, unless otherwise extended at the discretion of the Company or due to the nature of the items purchased, among other reasons. During peak seasons or on account of nationwide sales discounts and other sales promotions, shipment lead time may reach up to ten (10) working days or more due to resultant high volume of orders. The Company reserves the right to extend shipment schedule of some orders beyond the usual days as mentioned above for orders that are or that include custom made items, other special orders, volume orders, orders to be sourced from other store locations or suppliers, among other causes. The customer shall coordinate with the Company’s sales representatives for the estimated shipment lead time.
    • Complete Shipping Information. The customer is required to provide their complete shipping address, contact number(s), and the name of authorized person(s) to receive the shipment, including a detailed sketch of the shipment address, with landmarks adequately placed to assist the Company’s shipment team. Customers who provide incomplete shipment instructions may be subject to missed or delayed delivery, and the Company shall not be liable for the delay resulting therefrom.
    • Shipping Assistance. The Company shall provide customer assistance to customers with shipping needs. For selection of shippers and updates on freight rates and handling charges, the customer shall to the Company’s sales representatives for assistance.
    • Other Terms. All Shipments are on FOB (Free-On-Board) terms. The Company’s responsibility ceases after the delivery of the order to the customer’s chosen shipping or logistics company. Complaints concerning delays and damages thereafter must be addressed to the concerned shipping or logistics company, and the customer agrees to hold free and harmless the Company from any suit, claim resulting therefrom.

      Return Policy

      Customer satisfaction is a priority here in Mandaue Foam but if for any reason, you are not entirely satisfied with your product, the company does offer a returns policy. The customer has up to 7 days from delivery to contact the branch and sales personnel that assisted him to process the return of the item. In exchange of the item, the company will provide store credit for the amount paid. If the item that was delivered to you, was damaged during transit or you are not entirely happy with the condition of the item that was delivered, the company can also replace the item with the same item free of charge.

      Unfortunately, customized and ordered items cannot be returned as these items have already been customized for the particular customer and cannot be sold to others since they are usually not standard sizes.

      All locally made Mandaue Foam products like foam mattresses, spring beds, sofas, etc. come with warranties on the foam against sagging.

      For the foam mattresses, the warranty depends on the kind of foam that was purchased. For our Flex Foam, the warranty is 10 years. For the Mega Foam, the warranty is valid for up to 5 years.

      Our more high-end models of spring beds come with a 15-year warranty as well on the unit excluding the fabric. These models include Gala Bed Premium Latex, Gala Bed Premium Memory and a 10-year warranty for Hotel Quality Bonnell Spring, Hotel Quality Pocket Spring, and our Chiropractic Bed. Our more affordable models like Gala Firm and Pull-Out Box come with a 5-year warranty.

      Our sofas come with a 10-year warranty on the foam and frame as well, exclusions applies. For the fabrics, we do not offer a warranty on that because the care of the fabric whether it be cloth or synthetic leather is entirely up to the customer already.

      To avail of the warranty, please keep the receipt of your item as this will be requested by our staff to process your order.

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