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Brendan Console Table - High Gloss White

  • About Brendan Console Table – High Gloss White


    109 x 34 x 81


    Frame: 30mm honeycomb with high glossy, invisible part with melamine
    Drawer front: 15mm PB with high glossy


    High Gloss White


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    Dimension: 109 x 34 x 81

    Price and Stock Availability Subject to Change without prior notice.

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    • Customer satisfaction is a priority here in Mandaue Foam but if for any reason, you are not entirely satisfied with your product, the company does offer a returns policy. The customer has up to 7 days from delivery to contact the branch and sales personnel that assisted him to process the return of the item. In exchange of the item, the company will provide store credit for the amount paid. If the item that was delivered to you, was damaged during transit or you are not entirely happy with the condition of the item that was delivered, the company can also replace the item with the same item free of charge.

      Unfortunately, customized and ordered items cannot be returned as these items have already been customized for the particular customer and cannot be sold to others since they are usually not standard sizes.

      All locally made Mandaue Foam products like foam mattresses, spring beds, sofas, etc. come with warranties on the foam against sagging.

      For the foam mattresses, the warranty depends on the kind of foam that was purchased. For our Flex Foam, the warranty is 10 years. For the Mega Foam, the warranty is valid for up to 5 years.

      Our more high-end models of spring beds come with a 15-year warranty as well on the unit excluding the fabric. These models include Gala Bed Premium Latex, Gala Bed Premium Memory and a 10-year warranty for Hotel Quality Bonnell Spring, Hotel Quality Pocket Spring, and our Chiropractic Bed. Our more affordable models like Gala Firm and Pull-Out Box come with a 5-year warranty.

      Our sofas come with a 10-year warranty on the foam and frame as well, exclusions applies. For the fabrics, we do not offer a warranty on that because the care of the fabric whether it be cloth or synthetic leather is entirely up to the customer already.

      To avail of the warranty, please keep the receipt of your item as this will be requested by our staff to process your order.

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