Dining Room

Our collection of Dining Room furniture is curated to elevate your dining experience with style, comfort, and functionality. Transform your dining space into a welcoming and personalized area to create moments of connection and joy with loved ones around the table.


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Tripp High Display CabinetTripp High Display Cabinet
#color_Matte Black#color_Matte Black
TMG-G53 Display Cabinet with WheelReese High Display Cabinet with Wheel
Xevi CabinetXevi Cabinet
Sale price₱5,050.00
Tyra ChairTyra Chair
Sale price₱2,900.00
Save 30%
#color_Granite Beige#color_Granite Beige
Sale price₱259.00 Regular price₱370.00
Sale price₱5,100.00
Vermont 4 Seater Pub SetVermont 4 Seater Pub Set
Sale price₱15,000.00
Save 30%
Sale price₱9,625.00 Regular price₱13,750.00
Save 30%
Sale price₱3,290.00 Regular price₱4,700.00
Save 30%
Dermott 4 Seater Dining SetDermott 4 Seater Dining Set
Sale price₱13,860.00 Regular price₱19,800.00
Save 30%
Dermott 6 Seater Dining SetDermott 6 Seater Dining Set
Sale price₱19,040.00 Regular price₱27,200.00
Save 30%
Dermott 2 Seater Dining SetDermott 2 Seater Dining Set
Sale price₱8,680.00 Regular price₱12,400.00
Save 30%
Collins Side CabinetCollins Side Cabinet
Sale price₱3,640.00 Regular price₱5,200.00
Sale price₱10,700.00
Save 30%
Bradmor 4 Seater Dining SetBradmor 4 Seater Dining Set
Sale price₱15,750.00 Regular price₱22,500.00

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