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15-150 Bakedish 1.1L
Out of Stock ₱180.00
L6833 1400ml Round Casserole with lid
₱161.00 ₱230.00
Ls1403 2000ml Rect.casserole w/o Lid
₱189.00 ₱270.00
Ls1404 2600ml Rect.casserole w/o Lid
₱234.50 ₱335.00
Ls1402 1600ml Rect.casserole w/o Lid
₱168.00 ₱240.00
LPL Rectangle Casserole With PP Lid
Out of Stock ₱357.00
L6834 2000ml Round Casserole with Lid
Out of Stock ₱290.00