Our vases provide the perfect vessel to showcase your blooms and add a touch of elegance to any room.


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Amorfa Flat Vase
Sale price₱1,010.00
Bevanzei VaseBevanzei Vase
Sale price₱340.00
Sale priceFrom ₱235.00
On sale
Bloomingville Bowl VaseBloomingville Bowl Vase
Sale priceFrom ₱160.00 Regular price₱320.00
Flordel White Glass Vase 30cmFlordel White Glass Vase 30cm
Sale price₱450.00
Sale price₱280.00
Gourd Black Glass Vase 36cmGourd Black Glass Vase 36cm
Sale price₱595.00
Sale price₱395.00
Hydria White Glass VaseHydria White Glass Vase
Sale price₱200.00
Lotus Black Glass Vase 16cmLotus Black Glass Vase 16cm
Sale price₱290.00
Monarch Gilded Gold Big Ceramic Vase
Rotex White Glass Vase 40cmRotex White Glass Vase 40cm
Sale price₱780.00
Save 50%
Safron Glass Flat VaseSafron Glass Flat Vase
Sale price₱190.00 Regular price₱380.00
Sophie Black Glass Vase 23cmSophie Black Glass Vase 23cm
Sale price₱495.00
Surya Fluted VaseSurya Fluted Vase
Sale price₱755.00
#size_13 cmWavron Ceramic Vase
Sale price₱260.00
Sale price₱320.00
Sale price₱255.00
Sold out
#size_ShortAmber Embossed Glass Vase
Sale priceFrom ₱322.50 Regular price₱645.00
Sold out
Dimpled Bowl Painted Glass VaseDimpled Bowl Painted Glass Vase
Sale price₱700.00

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