Mandaue Foam is a homegrown corporation that started only a few decades ago. It was built by an entrepreneurially minded woman who saw a potential business, worked hard and created what would become one of the best national companies in the Philippines.

Our products are created with the consumer in mind. We do everything to ensure that our customers have the best experience in our stores, and we make furniture and foam that give them value for money. It is a business run with passion and enthusiasm, aimed to expand and improve in the future.

Our growth strategy is holistic. We want to improve on what we have, make our products better and more marketable. We want to expand our market, reaching places that we are not present in and make ourselves known to a broader audience. In our stores we hope to help our customers even more, with experienced and accommodating sales staff, who always put the customer first.

Guided by our core values of teamwork, respect, hard work, customer focus and creativity we are poised to expand and grow in many new and different ways.

Now we are looking for people who share in our values, and also have the ambition and initiative to help us achieve our goals. Show us what you have to offer and we’ll find a place for you in Mandaue Foam.

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