Flush & Semi Flushmounts

Our selection has something for every room and ambiance. Elevate your living spaces with our thoughtfully crafted fixtures, combining form and function to create an inviting atmosphere in any setting. Explore our range and discover the perfect Flush & Semi Flushmounts to infuse your home with timeless elegance and radiant light.


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Piet Flush Mount Light 27 cmPiet Flush Mount Light 27 cm
Sale price₱329.00 Regular price₱470.00
Save 30%
Palne Round Flush Mount Light 35 cm
Sale price₱742.00 Regular price₱1,060.00
Save 30%
Palne Square Flush Mount Light
Sale price₱777.00 Regular price₱1,110.00
Save 50%
Sofus Semi-flush Mount Light 3 ShadesSofus Semi-flush Mount Light 3 Shades
Sale price₱1,262.50 Regular price₱2,525.00
Gurli Semi-flush Mount LightGurli Semi-flush Mount Light
Sale price₱2,275.00
Save 30%
Piet Flushmount Light 34 cmPiet Flushmount Light 34 cm
Sale price₱476.00 Regular price₱680.00
Heina Flush Mount Light
Sale price₱6,545.00
Gurin Semi-flush Mount LightGurin Semi-flush Mount Light
Sale price₱2,630.00
Gesine Semi-flush Mount LightGesine Semi-flush Mount Light
Sale price₱2,945.00
Sold out
915/E27*2 08 300mm Ceiling Light - Mandaue Foam915/E27*2 08 300mm Ceiling Light - Mandaue Foam
Sale price₱295.00 Regular price₱590.00
Sold out
Pergot Flush Mount Ceiling Light 34 cm909/2L Wood Ceiling Light - Small - Mandaue Foam
Sale price₱360.00 Regular price₱720.00
Sold out
Gea Semi-flush Mount Light - 5 ShadesGea Semi-flush Mount Light - 5 Shades

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