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Potted Plants


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Bamboo Potted Plant 120 cm
Sale price₱2,895.00
Birds Nest Fern Plant 70 cm
Sale price₱1,695.00
Ceropegia in Pot
Sale price₱295.00
English Ivy 26 cm
Sale price₱315.00
Fan Palm 95 cmFan Palm 95 cm
Sale price₱1,520.00
Fiddle Leaf Potted Plant
Sale price₱2,830.00
Guzmania Red in Pot
Sale price₱1,005.00
CH10800727 Happy Philo In Pot 140cm - Mandaue FoamHappy Philodendron Potted Plant 140 cm
Monstera Deliciosa Potted Plant 38 cmMonstera Deliciosa Potted Plant 38 cm
Musa Ornata in Pot
Sale price₱2,210.00
Palm Tree Potted Plant 180 cm
Philodendron in PotPhilodendron in Pot
Sale price₱3,420.00
Rice Shoots in Pot
Sale price₱285.00
Scindapsus Potted Plant 20 cmScindapsus Potted Plant 20 cm
Sale price₱350.00
String of Pearl Potted Plant 23 cmString of Pearl Potted Plant 23 cm
Tineke Rubber Plant in PotTineke Rubber Plant in Pot
Sale price₱4,280.00
Sold out
Aeoniom Plant on Pot
Sale price₱95.00
Sold out
Allegra Plant on PotAllegra Plant on Pot
Sale price₱205.00
Sold out
Asstd Cacti Plant on Pot 19cmAsstd Cacti Plant on Pot 19cm
Sale price₱300.00
Sold out
Azalea White Potted Plant
Sale price₱205.00

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