Return & Exchange Policy

              The following terms govern Mandaue Foam Industries, Inc. and its affiliated companies’ (“the Company”) Return and Exchange Policy.

  • General Guidelines. A customer shall be entitled to a repair or replacement of a defective or imperfect product purchased from the Company provided that he present: 1) the product in a good and undamaged condition save from the defect or imperfection, with price tags and protective coverings such as plastics not taken off, and 2) the official receipt, or in lieu thereof, one (1) current and valid government issued IDs bearing the same name of the customer as presented in the sales invoice, and provided further that the repair replacement be claimed within the time provided hereunder. Failure to comply with these general guidelines shall be a ground to deny the claim for repair or replacement.
  • Period. We offer returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase for all items.

The claim for defect or imperfection shall be made within the given days from date of receipt or use, which shall be considered reasonable period that the product is expected to have been used and the defective or imperfect nature thereof known by the consumer.

  • Defective Products.  A product shall be considered defective when it does not offer the safety that may rightfully be expected of it. The following considerations shall be taken into account in determining whether a product is defective: the presentation of the product in terms of packaging, labeling, or advertising; the nature of the use and hazards that may be reasonably expected of the product. The customer assents that the Company shall have the sole discretion in determining whether a product is inherently defective or whether the same was the result of improper use of the customer, in which latter case the claim for repair or replacement shall be denied.
  • Imperfect Products.  The following shall constitute product imperfection: those that render the products unfit or inadequate for the purpose, use or consumption for which they are designed or intended; those that shall jeopardize the quality and characteristics of the product resulting to a decrease in its value. The Company shall determine whether the product is imperfect under the foregoing circumstances, and the customer assents that if during the assessment of the Company for imperfections, the same was found out to be caused by the customer, then his claim for repair or replacement shall be denied.
  • Replacement. If a product is defective or imperfect, the Company shall first repair the defect or imperfection. If the same cannot be repaired, the customer may elect for replacement of the product by another of the same kind and which shall be in a similar state of use.
  • When Replacement Is Not Possible.  If the customer opts for replacement of a product of the same kind but it is no longer possible, the product may be replaced by another of a different kind, mark or model: provided, that, in case there is a difference in price that may result from the replacement of the product with another kind, make or model, the difference in price shall be supplemented by the customer or reimbursed through store credit (refund for online purchase) by the Company, as the case may be. The customer may also elect to return the product in exchange for purely store credit (refund for online purchase), the value of which shall be the purchase price of the product.

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