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Delivery & Assembly Concerns

For any questions about delivery rates, the areas we deliver to, scheduling, and etc. check it out below

 a.  What are the areas you deliver to?

You can check out the areas we currently deliver to and their shipping fees here. Unfortunately, our deliveries do not cover all the areas in the Philippines yet. We will get there eventually.

 b.  Do you have shipping fees?

Yes, we do. You can check them out here. Please be informed that we do not offer Cash on Delivery payments.

 c.  Do you ship worldwide?

No, we do not offer international shipping.

 d.  How do I track my order?

You can track your order here.

 e.  When will I receive my order?

After you have successfully placed your order, our Online Sales team will conduct an order verification process and update you as soon as possible by email. Our branch will also email or contact you with regard to your final delivery date. You can also contact the branch for your delivery-related inquiries.

 f.  Can I schedule and reschedule the delivery of my order?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to choose your delivery as it will depend on the availability of the item and the next available delivery date.

 g.  What if I am not at home on the scheduled delivery date?

You may assign a trusted person to receive your order for you. We will be requiring an authorization letter from you, a photocopy of your valid ID, and the receiver’s valid ID that he/she should present upon delivery.

 h.  What if I miss the delivery?

You will be charged for another fee to deliver your items. It will be the same amount of your initial delivery.
We suggest to make sure there is someone available to receive the delivery. If you have concerns, please contact the branch directly.

 i.  I ordered from abroad, how do I coordinate the delivery in the Philippines?

Since you cannot receive the delivery because you are out of the country, you may assign a trusted family member/friend to receive your orders. Please indicate this situation on our Order Note before you checkout.
After Checkout, on the Shipping Address, please fill in the details of the receiver (name, address, and contact number). Secure an authorization letter, a photocopy of your valid ID, and the valid ID of the receiver that he/she will present upon delivery or pick-up.

 j.  Can I have my order delivered to my office instead of my home?

We deliver to any address that is indicated as long as they are within the areas we deliver. You can check out the delivery areas and rates here.

 k.  Can I still change my delivery address?

Yes, you can still change your delivery address when your order has not been scheduled for delivery and is not shipped yet. Once scheduled and shipped, we can no longer change the invoice since these are already printed and orders have already been handed over to our delivery team.
We can also only change the delivery address when it is an order from the same area/branch. For example, your original shipping address is catered by our Cainta showroom, you cannot change your address to areas like Quezon Ave. and etc.

 l.  Can I purchase multiple items and have it delivered to different shipping addresses?

We do not accept multiple deliveries for one order. If you wish to deliver in different areas, it should be separate orders with separate delivery fees.

 m.  Are the items delivered already assembled?

The items you will be receiving upon delivery are not yet assembled so the items can efficiently fit on our trucks and avoid damages. Assembly is free of charge for in-house delivery.
For more information, please check our Assembly Policy

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